Macon County Georgia

Board of Commissioners' Office
121 South Sumter Street
Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to report a pothole?

Contact the Public Works Department at 478-472-8093 or complete a road repair request form and give location of pothole.

Who is responsible for garbage pickup?

Garbage pickup in Macon County is done by the Macon County Solid Waste Management. If there is a problem with garbage pickup, contact the Commissioner's Office at 478-472-7021.

What is the responsibility of the County concerning rights-of-way?

If you have a problem with a road or the right-of-way, including seeing in the distance problem due to trees, missing signs, clogged pipe, and tree or storm debris across the road, please call the Public Works Department 478-472-8093. If in an emergency condition or after hours, please call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

Does the County sell dirt?

No, the County does not sell dirt.

How do I obtain a driveway pipe?

To obtain a driveway pipe for a county road, the Superintendent will come to installation site and determine size, type and length of pipe needed. The property owner is responsible for purchasing the pipe required. When pipe is delivered, the Road and Bridges Department will install pipe at no cost. A property owner on a state route should contact the Department of Transportation in Perry at 478-988-7151. A permit has to be obtained from the Dept. of Transportation. The Dept. of Transportation will determine what size pipe is needed at your location. State routes require pipe and two safety ends. The Road and Bridges Department also installs State Route driveway pipe at no cost to the property owner. The County does not maintain state route pipe after installation.