Macon County Georgia

Board of Commissioners' Office
121 South Sumter Street
Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068

Incident Reports

Certain types of Sheriff's Office reports are available for release to authorized parties. To obtain a copy of your report, please contact the Sheriff's Office during normal business hours. You will need to provide a case number and other identifying information, and you must be a named, involved party to the case or an authorized representative to a named, involved party to the case in order to request and receive a copy of the report.

If the report you are seeking is determined to be available for release, you will need to fill out a Statement of Need Form and provide a valid government photo identification. A minimal fee of 25 cents per page will apply. Sensitive information is redacted as required by law.

Certain types of reports are exempt from release and can only be released pursuant to a court order. Depending on the type of report, approval may be required from the investigating deputy or detective.

Release of public records is governed by Georgia Law O.C.G.A 50-18-72 and this office follows the letter of the law.