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Missing Persons Reports

Unlike you hear on tv and in the movies, there is no waiting period for reporting a missing person. A missing should be reported to the sheriff's office any time after the individual goes missing - after a "reasonable" time has passed OR dependent upon the circumstances.

The catch is the "reasonable time" part. If it is a young child - the report should be filed immediately. For a teenager - a little longer. For an adult (not under suspicious circumstances) - maybe longer still. To report a person missing, you must have legal "standing" - a family member or a person in a close personal relationship, for instance.

Most people do not realize that it is not a crime to be a "missing" person. A legally competent adult can decide to disappear with no notice whatsoever to anyone and has every legal right to do so. Occasionally the police will locate a long-lost missing person but all they can legally do is report back to the person that originally reported them missing is that they have been located and they are okay. Legally they cannot even disclose where it is they were found.

Knowing the facts before a crisis can be critical when things go wrong. Find out the important facts you need to know if you ever file a missing persons report.