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Safety Tips for Children: Show and Tell

Teach your child his/her full name, address, telephone number (including area code for long distance).

Never leave your child alone in a car.

Do not put your child's first name on clothing, bikes, backpacks or toys where they are visible. Notice when someone pays undue attention to your child. Encourage your child to communicate his feelings. Never belittle any fear or concern your child has, real or imaginary. Leave a telephone emergency list by the phone for your child to use.

Know Who Your Child's Friends Are.

Keep a current photo of your child. Have your child fingerprinted and keep the card in a safe place. Practice with your child ways to walk to and from school or a friend's house. Tell your child which are "safe houses" to enter, near your home, when you are not around. Practice role playing with your child on possible situations that may happen and what they should do and say. Know where to obtain your child's dental and medical records. When your child is traveling, know the license plate tag of the car your child is traveling in, which route your child plans to take, if friends are going along, when and where they are going, and the time expected home.

The "No" List

If your child is missing, call your local law enforcement agency and file a report.

In order for the police officer to enter your child's name into the FCIC/NCIC computer, provide a recent photo of your child and a description including hair and eye color, height, weight, date of birth, and other physical attributes. Conduct a neighborhood search of schools, shopping centers, and friends' homes. Provide the local police with your child's fingerprint card, dental and medical records if requested.