Macon County Georgia

Board of Commissioners' Office
121 South Sumter Street
Oglethorpe, Georgia 31068

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Living and Visiting

The United States is experiencing a rural renaissance as families leave urban areas and seek communities where crime is low, schools are smaller and life is simple.

Living in rural areas like Macon County and its communities is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, all found here. For many, having a less crowded place to live and work is attractive. Others enjoy the sense of community and family-friendly atmosphere. The slower pace contributes to less stress and the openness makes people seem accessible to each other. Traffic is minimal and nights are quiet and peaceful, usually interrupted only by the sounds of animals who thrive in this environment. The air is clean, fish are plentiful and deer abound.

Macon County's warm climate provides a comfortable habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. Some of the more fascinating animals that guests might have the chance to see include the Southern elktoe, fat threeridge, bluestripe shiner, winged spike, purple bankclimber and the Gulf Coast waterdog. Among Georgia's beautiful flora, you might see cayaponia, Atlantic white cedar, Indian olive, Arkansas oak or broadleaf marsh St. John's wort.

Tourist attractions abound in Macon County. In addition to Andersonville National Historic Site, there is a historic driving tour of the county. Whitewater Creek Park offers hiking and camping, and tourists may also visit a large Mennonite community that runs Yoder's Deitsch Haus Restaurant, Bakery and Gift Shop. Annual celebrations include the Festival of Camellias, the Crape Myrtle Festival, the Beaver Creek Festival and the Oglethorpe Fall Festival.

We invite you to visit, but we warn you ... you might not want to leave.

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